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Unloading Bellow ULA

BERGU’s unloading bellow is an unloader for safe and dust-free unloading of bulk material from silos, containers or screw conveyors to bulk truck or container.

The bellow is equipped with three-point wire suspension, which is operated by an electric worm geared motor unit. The length depends on the number of internal steel cones (1-10) from 270 mm up to 3330 mm.

It also consists of a connection cone for varying sizes of filling holes and diffuser cone which disperses the material in the bulk truck and shuts tightly when the bellow has to be hoisted again after indication from the full level sensor.

Manoeuvring takes place through a robust manoeuvring tool with springy buttons and emergency stop.

Utlastningsbälg ULA

If you would like more information about BERGU's unloading bellows, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be happy to get back to you with a data sheet, drawing and quote, etc.