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Pneumatic Bulk Conveyor

The conveyor is a discontinuous operating feeding unit for supplying bulk material to a transport pipeline. The transport principle is based on that in carrier gas stream injecting the goods from the conveyor through the transport pipeline.


The carrier gas is split up and divided, partly to the conveyor via the fluidization device and also directly through the outlet pipes ejector to the transport pipeline.

The ratio between fluidization and ejector gas is regulated by the opening degree of the of angle-seat valve, individual for each transport case.

The distribution of carrier gas is individual for each application and is determined by several factors

such as type of goods, transport distance, pipeline dimension and available supply pressure.

Pressure switch and plug guard give open/close at different achieved preassures, see instruction "Pressure- Plug guard".

Pneumatisk Bulksändare
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Bulk conveyors from 15 dmᶟ to 10 mᶟ

If you would like more information about BERGU's bulk conveyors, you are welcome to contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be happy to get back to you with a data sheet, drawing and quote, etc.