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Pneumatic transport system

The transport principle is to move material in a closed pipe system with the kinetic energy in an air flow. Pneumatic transport systems may be classified based on two principles - continuous transport and batch transport.

BERGU bulk conveyors transport all types of powder and granulate by batches, 0 - 25 mm/particle both when entering and exiting the process.

The transports are divided into two main groups - medium and high pressure system. The pressure in the system is directly proportional to the filling degree of material in the pipe.

A medium pressure system (1.0-3.5 bar) is called dense phase system and high pressure system (3.5-7.0 bar) is called plug transport.

The low pressure system is a continuous transport where a smaller amount of material is dosed into a high continuous air flow where the transport pressure is lower than 1.0 bar.

Low pressure systems are often used for continuous dosing of an amount of material into a process, such as flue gas cleaning.

Bergu low pressure dilute-phase-system.

Bergu standard dense-phase-system.



The pneumatic conveyor is a discontinuously working feeding unit for supplying bulk goods to a transport pipe.


A PLS is a continuous transport with high air flow and low degree of filling of material.