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About us

BERGU is a company that carries on business with own production and as a retailer of products and complete plants for handling dry powder and granulated bulk material.

We allow ourselves to express that we possess the ultimate competence within design and construction of machines and plants for bulk material handling and pneumatic transport.

In principle, BERGU has always been based in Helsingborg, but since the new establishment of the company in 2022, we are based in Höganäs, Skåne.

Over the years, we have delivered our products and plants to customers in most parts of the world, but mainly Europe and Scandinavia.


The company's background and history go back to the middle of the 20th century and a product division from Kockums Construction AB in Malmö. Kockums and partners were pioneers and founders of the technology to transport bulk goods through pneumatic transport and developed the Pneumatic Bulk Conveyor or Bulk Transmitter, among other products.

In 1977, Bergu was started by the founders Lars Bertram and Göran Gustavsson, hence the name, BERGU. Kockums, which developed the original Bulk Transmitter, sold a product portfolio, with the Bulk Transmitter as the main product, this product portfolio was acquired by BERGU. The intention was to streamline the business around dry bulk cargo handling with own development and manufacturing and as a leading player to mechanize and automate heavy process industry, which was done successfully.

During ten years, the company developed and at most had over 70 employees. The company operated in several industries with large export operations and a broad product portfolio, but always with bulk goods handling as a core business with advanced Bag Emptying and Pneumatic bulk transmitter systems as the main components of the deliveries.

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BERGU communicates through LinkedIn where we often upload posts about our products and projects. Here you can find news, make comments, ask questions or just have a look around.

On our website, you will always find the latest data sheets for all our products.

If you like to receive more information about a specific product, you are very welcome to contact us to discuss your needs, and we will be happy to return with data sheet, drawing, offer and perhaps a site visit.

A warm welcome to BERGU


The Original

BERGU is proud to have developed several of the original products for today's accepted principle solutions in bulk goods handling.

The picture shows a fair participation from an exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany in 1980.

  • Pneumatic Bulk Conveyor
  • Automatic small Bag Emptyer
  • Unloading Bellows
  • Diverter Valve