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Bergu Scandinavia AB

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​Mechanical Conveying Systems

  • Customised systems. Bergu Scandinavia AB operative principle is the planning, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of whole systems, specially designed to meet the requirements of the customer and the bulk material being processed.
  • Product trials in our Test Centre are carried out to support selecting of components and process design.
  • Consistent project management and scheduling procedures combined with comprehensive documentation are essential components for Bergu Scandinavia AB in connection with the successful handling of projects.
  • Do you have any questions concerning our products or do you need further information. Don't hesitate to contact us!
  • Telephone: +46 42 12 79 70
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For the discharge, dosing and conveying of powders and granulates from silos, hoppers, bag emptying systems etc. a wide range of mechanical conveying systems are available from BERGU® having many different application possibilities.

Conveyors can be mounted horizontally, at an angle or vertically from and to various loading and discharge points. It is also possible to use screw conveyors for cooling, heating and mixing.

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Bergu Scandinavia AB

Box 5006

​S-250 05 Helsingborg


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Industrigatan 97, 252 32, Helsingborg

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Bergu Scandinavia AB

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Tlf.: 042-127970