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Dosing and Mixing Systems

Customised systems. Bergu Scandinavia AB operative principle is the planning, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of whole systems, specially designed to meet the requirements of the customer and the bulk material being processed.

  • Product trials in our Test Centre are carried out to support selecting of components and process design.
  • Consistent project management and scheduling procedures combined with comprehensive documentation are essential components for Bergu Scandinavia AB in connection with the successful handling of projects.
  • Do you have any questions concerning our products or do you need further information. Don't hesitate to contact us!
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​Bergu Dosing Systems

The Rite Weight Feeder has been designed to cope with the rigorous demands of modern Weigh Feeding applications, where the high cost of ingredients demand tighter control of feed rates and variations of bulk density significantly affect the flow rate.

Sophisticated software control coupled to the well proven Feeder design has resulted in achievable accuracies of + – 0.5% (or better) of target flow rate.

Bergu is introducing the new range of feeders modelled on the feeder in terms of design and accuracy but with the advantage of greater compactness and therefore competitiveness

Bergu Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer for continuous processes.

The mixer is suitable for mixing a wide range of powders, flakes and granulates and also viscous products.

Spraying with liquids and thermal processes are very effective. Easy to clean. The BRM is suitable for very difficult mixing tasks. Continuous mixing processes are a useful alternative to traditional batch processes and have the following advantages: - efficient process management - high plant usage - low space requirements - optimised energy usage

Bergu Batch Mixer

Batch Mixing value with efficiency.

Bergu have led the way with state of the art mixing technology to ensure maximum added value and consistent homogeneity for both intermediate and finished products, including the most delicate ingredients. Bergu unique experience also covers reaction processes such as agglomeration, granulation, coating and heat transfer, which are vital for product innovation. Bespoke solutions. To satisfy even the most complex mixing requirements, Bergu can custom-create complete mixing lines including product reception, storage, recipe preparation, mixing and conditioning. Bergu's world renowned continuous mixing turnkey packages can also integrate every processing stage from feeding to mixing into a single line to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Customised solutions for all dosing and mixing applications

Bergu Dosing and Mixing Systems:

• low operating costs

• continuous or batch

• reliable and robust

• dust-free and hygienic

• automated operation

• very gentle mixing with minimal abrasion or breakdown of the product.

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Bergu Scandinavia AB

Box 5006

​S-250 05 Helsingborg


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