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Bergu Scandinavia AB

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​The most effective solutions for fully automatic sack emptying and pneumatic conveying system.

With wide-ranging expertise in design and an understanding of customers' requirements in different industries, we can offer you unique solutions based on your specific requirements for sack emptying and pneumatic transport system of powders and granules

You get with our solutions for sack emptying and pneumatic transport system:

  • Swedish design
  • Swedish production
  • Swedish quality
  • Flexible products
  • Hygienic solutions
  • Dust free solutions

We also have following products:

  • Silo and silo equipment
  • Mechanical conveying
  • Dosing and mixing
  • Sackfiling system
  • Palletizing/depalletizing
  • Pallet handling system

Want to know how the market's most efficient fully atomatic sack emptying and pneumatic transport system can help you to become more competitive and increase your income?

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Your process partner for Solids and Liquids Handling

Bergu Scandinavia AB designs, supplies, builds and maintains powder, pellets and liquids processing systems. We deliver complete turnkey installations, separate processes and components for the food, plastics and chemical industries.

​Turnkey solids & liquids handling installations

We can take care of entire projects, from product and process testing in our test facilities, mechanical and electrical engineering, to construction, start-up and maintenance of your installation. Bergu Scandinavia AB can provide spare parts, maintenance and repairs of your installation and training of your staff.

Custom made solutions

Our philosophy is offering solutions that are individually adapted to the clients' wishes. Thanks to many years of experience BERGU was founded in 1977 - we are experts in the field of material handling. Together with you we look for the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements, taking into account all the relevant standards and directives.

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Bergu Scandinavia AB

Box 5006

​S-250 05 Helsingborg


Delivery address:

Industrigatan 97, 252 32, Helsingborg

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Bergu Scandinavia AB

Industrigatan 97, 252 28, Helsingborg

Tlf.: 042-127970